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verantwortlich i.S.d. § 55 Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (RStV) sowie § 5 Telemediengesetz (TMG):

René Thiel
Goetheweg 3
85748 Garching

We could take this even further and include Edward James Olmos‘ theory that Battlestar Galactica is a prequel to Blade Runner (he was in both), meaning that the Cylons are like ancient replicants . but, on second thought, no. It’s like Wes Anderson, Zooey Deschanel, and the film Amelie had a supernatural, quirky baby.Good afternoon and thank you for joining us as we review our first quarter 2015 results. I am Heather Pribyl, Director of Investor Relations for Buffalo Wild Wings. Joining me today is Sally Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer and Mary Twinem, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. By now, everyone should have access to our first quarter earnings release. Copies are available on our investor website at IR.Both countries prepared for war; Wilson mustered 100,000 troops on the border in Texas. Fortunately, however, war was averted when Carranza petitioned for mediation. An agreement was reached in early January 1917 when Wilson recalled Pershing and officially recognized Carranza’s government. citizenship to all Puerto Ricans and creating two Puerto Rican houses of legislature whose representatives are elected by the people. English is decreed the official language of Puerto Rico.Application of ice packs and foot elevation can reduce swelling. Recommendations may include use of an elastic wrap for ankle support. Prescribed exercises promoting joint flexibility and strength facilitate return to normal function. Symptoms include moderate pain, tenderness and swelling. Bruising commonly appears within a few days of the injury. The power in your hip and leg muscles depends on how quickly they can contract and how much force they can produce. Weight training helps you build the force production needed for vertical leaps. Schedule two weight training workouts into your weekly schedule. Give your muscles two days off between sessions for recovery. For example, a Monday and Thursday schedule would be appropriate. Begin your workout with a 10 minute dynamic warm up and then do three to five sets of six to 12 reps of each exercise. Incorporate exercises like cheap jerseys power cleans, hang pulls and squats, which mimic jumping movement patterns. Lunges put you in a staggered stance, which is unlike cheap nfl jerseys how your feet are positioned when jumping. However, they still work the necessary muscles and force your legs to work independently, thereby helping prevent one leg from becoming too dominant.Is that even legal? Eh, not really, but no one cares. In 2013, Michigan legislators proposed a law to force anyone selling pints of beer to actually give you a pint of beer only to find out that this brand of bullshit is, technically, already forbidden by consumer protection laws. You know, the ones no one can be bothered to enforce. The same thing happened in other states, like Maine, where the wholesale jerseys governor actually vetoed an „Honest Pint“ bill and called on pissed off beer enthusiasts to simply not support the establishments that shortchange you.
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ZDF-Korrespondent Thomas Walde

ZDF-Korrespondent Thomas Walde benahm sich am 22.07.2012 im ZDF-Sommerinterview mit der Vorsitzenden der Partei „Die Linke“ Katja Kipping unglaublich rüpelhaft. Eigentlich war schon ziemlich bald klar, dass er nicht wirklich ein gutes Interview führen wollte, aber seine Provokationen wurden immer penetranter. Thomas Walde kann bzw. will nicht zuhören, versteht die Antworten nicht, unterbricht die Gesprächspartnerin immer häufiger und bringt so einiges durcheinander – Beispiel: „Solidarität“.
Bemerkenswert, wie ruhig Katja Kipping bis zum Schluss blieb – von mir hätte dieser „Korrespondent“ andere Antworten bekommen.

Video: Das ganze Interview mit Katja Kipping

Checkmate, liberals. Over 100 fake hate crimes were reported in the past decade. If our math checks out, that’s ten hoaxes per year, also known as a whopping 0.003 percent to 0.005 percent of the 200,000 300,000 hate crimes reported annually. Perhaps if we were as brazen, courageous, and math impaired as fake oakleys Breitbart News, we’d be able to face the truth that accusing people of hate crimes is the real hate crime.Women’s soccer team goalkeeper Hope Solo appeared in the courtroom Tuesday afternoon.Stevens and Solo applied for a marriage license last Thursday, according to King County records. KING TV, citing court documents, reported that Stevens and Solo were set to get married Tuesday and that the argument was over whether to live in Washington or Florida. When packers come in the field and start playing the match, they are seemed very happy and cheerful. They don’t get afraid of any shot played by their rivals. That’s why, they are still enjoying magnificent and glorious time period. Every era, they have spend, is best led by competent and experienced head coaches, who knew from the beginning that team has potential to grow more and more. Especially, Don Hutson era was unforgettable for many those fans, who were young at that time and they couldn’t forget the rise in performance of Packers, which convinced people to buyGreen Bay Packers tickets.Uggs black friday He asics gel lives kanye west shoes in ray ban sunglasses outlet a cheap ray ban place scarpe hogan far nike free shoes from mcm outlet my nike air max 2015 home. mizuno fake ray ban sunglasses running shoes Living beats by dre environment flat iron is swarovski jewelry very nfl steelers poor, true religion jeans women is hollister an rolex idle prada outlet three nfl packers small burberry penthouse. The Knife’s EdgeThe night was cold and raw, with winds gusting up to forty miles per hour, but as I walked through the chill to the sideline of the M Bank Stadium on December 3, 2007, I was reminded of how much I love the game of professional football.The team I coached, the Baltimore Ravens, was nfl jerseys shop free falling through a painful losing streak, standing at 4 7 after five straight losses. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, operates three separate divisions. Division I sports feature the best players and highest Cheap Oakleys paid coaches. Division I and II schools can offer athletic scholarships to players, while division III schools cannot. Division I programs attract elite players nfl jerseys shop and coaches, garnering the most media exposure and financial support. Coaches at Division II and III schools often make a relatively comfortable living, but the biggest contracts go to the coaches at high profile Division I schools, where nationally recognized athletic programs generate the most money.
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Joachim Gauck – unbequeme Umfragen

Alle Medien berichten von Zustimmung des Volkes, dass Joachim Gauck Bundespräsident werden soll. Alle? Nein!

Die MDR-Umfrage belegte das Gegenteil: über 70% Ablehnung! Diese Umfrage wurde wegen (angeblicher) Manipulation vom Netz genommen:

Nun traut sich die Ostsee-Zeitung ebenfalls eine Umfrage und Staunemann: auch über 70% Ablehnung! Mal sehen, wann diese Umfrage gelöscht wird:
<a href="" title="http://www.ostsee-zeitung zovirax“ target=“_blank“>

SIEGEL: Absent the kind of rule changes or until the kind of rule changes that you’ve described not hitting anybody in the head would the presence of a trainer up in the booth who’s looking at collisions and reviewing them in instant replay for his own edification, might that change anything that’s happening on the field and injuries?You can take umbrage with Brady penchant for trying out new hairstyles, or declare him pretentious just because you saw him on a magazine, or simply dislike him because you disliked most Boston fans you ever met. You can even claim he handled Deflategate poorly by not turning over his cell phones. That allfair. It sports. Disliking players who do not play for your team is part of the appeal.The phone href=““ target=“_blank“>cheap jerseys meets the military grade specifics for being waterproof, dust proof, shockproof, humidity and cold. The phone withstood being sunk in a sink for an hour, though watching the screen being moved by the water’s ripples was certainly entertaining. Next the phone survived being driven over by a saloon car, finally it survived being dropped 8 times onto a pavement from about a meter.The Dolphins‘ defeat allowed the Florida bragging rights to go to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Bucanneers. The Jags, who turned a few heads by posting their first victory a week ago, had them swivelling Exorcist style after they had beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers 20 16. Mark Brunell threw for 189 yards and a TD as the Steelers, the choice of many, including your correspondent, to make this year’s Super Bowl tumbled to another unlikely loss. The Bucaneers enjoy an unusual view of the NFC Central from the top thanks to the 19 16 defeat of Cincinnati.Bob discount football jerseys Montgomery (Sumter, South Carolina)Bob Montgomery is the former 135 pound world Cheap Football Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys champion having beaten Beau Jack for the lightweight title. He retired sporting a mark of 75 19 3 with 37 knockouts to his credit. Not known for his power but more for his aggressive style and counter punching ability. Montgomery is a true throwback fighter and he could have been a cheap football jerseys champion in any era.In a letter to the league’s 32 teams Thursday, Goodell announced a partnership to provide support to two of the leading services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Cheap mlb Jerseys Sexual Violence Resource Center and said that the NFL would mandate training for all players and staff on preventing abuse.These guys came from very diverse backgrounds, and they all own their own lives. Each of them believes that he is responsible for his actions and accountable for his results. Each accepts that practice does not, in fact, make perfect PERFECT practice makes perfect! That extends beyond physical preparation to mental preparation and the development of mental toughness. Their zeal preparing to win, however, oakley sunglasses does not tell the whole story. The fact is a lot of mental toughness isn’t about preparing to win; it’s about learning how to lose and learning how NOT to lose. To wit:
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Der Bürgerrechtler Gauck hält Proteste von Bürgern für “unsäglich albern”

Der Bürgerrechtler Gauck hält Proteste von Bürgern für “unsäglich albern”

<a href="http://www.nachdenkseiten why not look″ title=“Initiative zur Verbesserung der Qualität politischer Meinungsbildung e.V.“ target=“_blank“>Zum besseren Verständnis der Polemik Gaucks zur Occupy-Bewegung: Gauck war auch als Präsidentschaftskandidat schon ein gesteuertes mediales Kunstprodukt

Apply for training. You must know how to handle, shoot and display a gun to operate a security guard company. Even if you do not plan to work the field, you must be trained in gun handling. This type of training will also show you how to use a baton. You must use a qualified training program and pass the course. Many law enforcement agencies have a list of recognized trainers. Use a training program that they recommend.Behind the smile and intelligent soundbites, he has shown he is capable of making tough decisions, leaving US legend Landon Donovan out of his World Cup squad in 2014 because he wanted the team to play with more energy a move that wouldn’t augur well for Wayne Rooney if he came to England.The Broncos proved to everyone that they are more than just Peyton Manning. They have done it all season. Peyton is grabbing all Fake Oakley Outle the headlines but it should be John Elway, Gary Kubiak and the defensive players ( in no particular order) grabbing the spotlight. They were one if not the best team in the AFC all season. They may not have looked like it. They won ugly but they were one of the top teams all season. The Patriots are the Patriots. I didn’t think they would be here only because I thought they lost a lot on their defense. Especially in their secondary. They actually didn’t lose much and Tom Brady just continues to prove why he’s the best ever. I thought it would be hard for this team to repeat but they are at the door steps.Now, also one of the things on here is that with Windows Phone, you get Office built in, doing a little holiday shopping, so I was capturing some great gift ideas that I can use for the holiday season. I go ahead and I will make a couple of additions oakleys outlet here. One of the things that you heard Chris talk about was the Nokia Lumia 1520. So I am going to go ahead and add that. Now, as soon as I add that on my phone, because my one note and Offices connected through SkyDrive, it actually syncs to all of my devices. I am talking about the Nokia Lumia 1520 figured I’d show, yes, I have got it right here as well. This is a beautiful six inch device. You can see that screen gorgeous, gorgeous screen. It’s got 1080p graphics. And what this really means with this big screen is get even more customized personal data right on your start screen. Inside, you have also got a Quad Core processor and on the back you’ve got a 20 megapixel camera. So again, you combine all that and you just really have an absolutely amazing device.The drum of the mixer has fixed paddles attached to the inside. When the mixer is rotating, these paddles pick up the concrete, pull it to the top, and then gravity lets it fall down on itself. This churning motion mixes the concrete. If the drum of the mixer is tilted up vertically, the churning motion can’t happen. This will be helpful if you’re in a very hot climate. Every bagged concrete mix has a range of water requirements. Play it safe by adding less water than recommended, and then gradually add the remaining water while keeping an eye on the consistency of the mix.
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Die sächsische Justiz wertet Sitzblockaden gegen genehmigte Demonstrationen als Verstoß gegen das Versammlungsgesetz.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr hat der Fraktionschef der Linkspartei, André Hahn, zu einer Sitzblockade gegen Neonazis aufgerufen. Jetzt droht ihm ein Strafprozess.

Trufant is intimately familiar with Husky Stadium, where the Falcons have been practicing this week after Quinn opted to have the team travel to the Pacific Northwest following a Sunday replica oakleys win at Denver rather than travel home and back. Quinn saw it as an opportunity to engage in some team building, which sounds Carroll esque.4D). By 45 days, the rmCHI mice also showed a trend towards reduced time spent in target quadrant (Fig. 4H). Panel (A) and (E): bar graph show path length (cm) and swimming speed (cm/s) over the 2 days of cue training. (B) and (F): Spatial learning curve for MWM acquisition trials across a period of 5d (hidden platform moved to a new location). „We have to get rid of that,“ he said. „We have to have consistent wholesale jerseys performance. It’s the toughness that we cheap jerseys don’t have and that’s what the Australian teams have. [But] in a way, it’s always been like this. You look back at articles from 1995 and 1996 and it was ‚Warriors Unpredictable‘.So, if the AFL administrators seek to use the Patriots to justify adopting the 85 jordan sale per cent revenue equalisation method, they have chosen a very atypical example. The reality is the NFL has no parallel stadium structure to the AFL’s MCG and Etihad, where multiple teams hire them on a game day rental basis. The closest US parallel is Los Angeles‘ Staples Centre. The two anchor tenants, the LA Kings (NHL) and the LA Lakers (NBA) receive 25per cent each of the naming rights and suites. The third team (LA Clippers, NBA) came in after the first round of Wholesale Jerseys contracts and is very much are on a day by oakley sunglasses day revenue basis.GREEN: The NFL didn’t respond to an interview request for this story. In court papers it has argued that it doesn’t have to observe state labor laws. Attorney Dennis Vacco represents a company that manages the cheerleading team for the Buffalo Bills, one of the clubs facing a lawsuit. Vacco contests cheerleaders‘ claims that they’re forced to work hundreds of hours for free.Naturally, they didn’t listen, and Jane was deployed in full hooker regalia to her home streets, because there’s no way that could go terribly wrong. „We go to the area, I get out, not even there five minutes when someone recognized me and asked how the academy was going.““You know, the academy . for police . to become a cop . Wait, where are you going!?““This machine is so smooth, quiet and easy to use it allows you to focus more on your pleasure and less on your mechanical abilities.“Ah, from medieval weapon to medieval torture device. If you’re into that sort of thing, or if you’re conducting your own inquisition, then this tiny Iron Maiden for a schlong may be right up your alley.
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Matthias Matussek

<a href="http://www.rbb-online more“ title=“KLIPP & KLAR vom 04.10.2011″ target=“_blank“>KLIPP & KLAR vom 04.10.2011 – es erübrigt sich eigentlich jeder Kommentar.

Nur nebenbei:

Yeah, Buffy kicked unholy ass, Zoe was Mal’s Terminatrix like enforcer, Faith begat Echo and Echo is the baddest ass Kung Fu Whore TV has ever seen, and yet, aside from the fact these girls have done some push ups and punched masculinity in its shriveled balls time and again, the idea that Whedon is some sort of hyper feminist stinks as bad as Eliza Dushku’s „acting.“No Pulpit pounding sermons, just a clear headed examination of the historical scoreboardThis article started out as a passionate condemnation of violence and terrorism and an equally ardent defense of free speech, inspired by the attack on the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo that took place on January 7th of this very young year. cheap nfl jerseys It contained a lot of pretty terms like „filled with righteous indignation,“ „bottomless cesspools of violence and retribution,“ „brutal, soulless beasts,“ and other expressions of disgust and dismay that would have made any Bible pounding pulpit preacher proud.A number of case studies have been put forward by McLachlan, including West Coast’s scare early last season when the Eagles‘ key backmen incurred a series of injuries and more pertinently this year when Port Adelaide lost Matthew Lobbe through a combination of injury and poor form after Paddy Ryder was suspended for a season.FILE In this Nov. 13, Replica Oakley Sunglasses 2016, file photo, Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Jake Long (72) is helped up after an injury during the second half of an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins, in Landover, Md. Another loss has triggered another round of changes for Minnesota, with new kicker Kai Forbath leading the list as the Vikings try to stop their freefall by letting the struggling Blair Walsh go. They also have another new tackle, Rashod Hill, after losing yet another one, Jake Long, for the season. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally, File)“I didn’t go for the kicker. That (tweet) don’t mean nothing to me. They’ve missed a ton of calls.“At the end Cheap Oakleys Sale of the half in BUFvsSEA its unnecessary roughness for hitting the kicker. Foul means he can stay in the game. That meant Carpenter had to miss a down (if the officials got it right he could have stayed in).Ryan called a spike so Carpenter could return, and after he lined up again, Cheap nfl jerseys the Bills were flagged for delay of game just as Carpenter connected on a 48 yard field goal. The Arena Football League (AFL) serves as an alternative for players who fail to make it in the NFL. The average AFL player salary in 2008 was around $80,000, according to the „NY Daily News.“ However, a lockout occurred in 2009 followed by a restructuring of the league. AFL players were hit with major pay cuts after the lockout.
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Nutzer von gehen überdurchschnittlich oft ins Kino…

Hello world!

Rawlings also described Dallas Police Chief David Brown who likened police officers to superheroes at a vigil for the five fallen Dallas officers Monday as one of the „heroes we need,“ after he called for black protesters to become „part of the solution, serve your communities“ by joining the police force.It starting to seem like it a waste of time andJamie, Im having the same exact problem. I don know if it that we are using plastic bulbs or what. I also have some that still have wet paint after several days. I have spent hours painting the outside as I have a customer order for 14 ornaments. „We will look into it.“NFL Security had begun looking into the matter by Wednesday night, Aiello confirmed.Since the video of Rice punching his then fiance was posted Monday on TMZ, the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell who suspended Rice indefinitely have been adamant they didn’t see the violent images until this week.But a law enforcement official told the Associated Press he sent a video of Rice punching Janay Palmer, now Rice’s wife, to an NFL executive five months ago. The NFL season closes with concussions again as cheap nhl jerseys a central issue facing the league. There were headline grabbing suicides by former players. Brain disease from head trauma was a possible culprit. Penalties and fines for illegal hits to the head during games became more common, and how to prevent these head injuries is a topic that is sure to dominate the offseason. Here’s NPR’s Tom Goldman.Following the events of Senior Bowl cheap nfl jerseys week, I release my first 2016 NFL Draft Top 50 Big Board for Draft Wire. I still consider this early in the pre draft process, so all of these players are subject to more analysis and tape study moving forward, but my top 20 will likely have limited movement going forward (off field issues, combine bombing, etc notwithstanding)I have always been an advocate of high school players attending college before going to the NBA. Certainly James was that rare athlete capable of physically competing on the professional level at a young age, but your hub aptly points out other factors that make the transition more difficult. As well as James has conducted himself most of the time, the pressures and rigors of NBA life has revealed occasional cracks in his armor. The primary benefit of the one year of college before going to the NBA rule is to give kids time to become adults. (I don’t care if an 18 year old can be accepted in the military and „die for our country“ they are cheap jerseys china kids.) One year of college is frankly not enough.
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A100 – zusätzlicher Autoverkehr wird angezogen???

Das beliebteste Argument von Autobahn-Gegnern:
– Zusätzliche Verkehrsbelastung
– Durchgangsverkehr anziehen
– dass zusätzlicher Autoverkehr angezogen wird und die zuführenden Straßen überlastet werden

Die A17 hat genauso wenig „wesentlich mehr Verkehr“ angezogen, wie es die A100 tun wird look at these guys.

find out the best xbox one bundle deals at reasonable pricesConsider learning about some additional ways to support yourself after a concussion by looking at post concussion remedies. Reach out for support since so many have concussions you are bound to find others who can relate, maybe an online forum. It can also be helpful to help let those around you know more details of what you’re experiencing and what you’ve learned about concussions, because wholesale football jerseys often times the person with a concussion looks fine and everyone around them Cheap Football Jerseys expects them to act how they used to, or at least get better faster than they are. It is clear that these symptoms are felt by millions and millions worldwide, so the time has come for us to be clear about what is happening and take the steps to help ourselves recover and support those around us.Jim Harbaugh has been successful at every level in football. In college at the University of Michigan, he was an All American quarterback. As the leader of the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts offenses, he was known as a modestly talented but gritty, independent and inspirational quarterback. The son of a coach and the brother of Cheap NFL Jerseys Ravens head man John Harbaugh, Jim decided when he was still playing to become a coach himself. In the 90s, Harbaugh served an apprenticeship with the Oakland Raiders, beginning at the bottom rung of the coaching ladder. A gamer and a grinder, he never been afraid of ultra hard work. He then went on to become the Cheap Oakleys head guy at the University of San Diego, which is not exactly a Division I powerhouse. There, he acquired a reputation of being a game changer and difference maker. The program went from famine to feast.Delivered to the president elect, his senior adviser and his chief of staff a letter signed by [17] mayors, put together from across the country, about our DACA students and that they were working hard toward the American dream, Emanuel told reporters Wednesday after meeting with Mr. Trump at Trump Tower in Manhattan. ET Donald Trump taps Gen. John Kelly to run the Department of Homeland Security, CBS News confirms.The bottom line is that Kansas City brings a load of talent back to the playing field. They finished 7 9 in 2011 with a good part of their roster on IR. With the much respected Crennel back in charge, we expect the Chiefs to compete for the division title. He began creating his own football and baseball fantasy leagues at the ripe old age of seven; tracking stats and standings on paper. Bill decided to Wholesale Jerseys create a real time fantasy football league website that includes all of the best features and some of which have never been attempted at any other website. Maximum Fantasy Sports offers Free Fantasy Football leagues, Free Survivor Pools, Confidence Pools, Pick ‚em Pools and Squares Pools as well as Public Fantasy Football Leagues and Pools with cash payouts.
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Auf der Wiesn (Oktoberfest) sind bereits alle Festzelte und Biergärten wegen Überfüllung geschlossen!

Stadionsprecher während des Top-Spiels der 2. Bundesliga am 2.10 zovirax generic.2011 (1860 München gegen Dynamo Dresden):
Auf der Wiesn (Oktoberfest) sind bereits alle Festzelte und Biergärten wegen Überfüllung geschlossen!

Ich fordere: an Spieltagen in der Allianz-Arena soll ein Festzelt für die Fans der Gast-Mannschaft freigehalten werden!

how to sell sports memorabilia“Being relatively successful over the period has meant we have been able to develop guys how they need to develop and give them that grounding. He played Box Hill seconds for a while at one stage, as did Breust, and Langford has done a bit of that and Cheap NFL Jerseys look, that has been a good grounding for them coming into the team to be developed to a point they are ready,“ Wright said. And Duryea now clearly is ready.When choosing a set of pool balls, you of course want to make sure that they meet specifications for regulation billiard balls. But if you really want to set apart your billiard room from others, you’ll want to take a look at Elephant Balls. You might recognize the name if you NBA Jerseys Cheap have watched ESPN’s Ultimate 9 Ball Challenge, as they are a major sponsor.Myles believes that he can cheap jordans assist the world in a championship standard of living for itself. He also believes that he can help in everyone from the slums of mediocrity and failure to the skyscrapers of greatness and success. In fact, Myles has been an advisor and mentor to his friends and peers since the second grade, often lending good, wholesome advice. And today, his work is nothing less than phenomenal! He passionately studies the works of motivational greats cheap football jerseys china such as Les Brown, Greg Harden, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, just to name a few. In alignment with his studies, Myles translates his personal tumults and wholesale jerseys china triumphs into applicable and viable models for immediate personal transformation. As a result, he boldly proclaims to the world, „Don’t Ever Give Up, Don’t Ever Quit On Your Dreams!““Christian’s been living 300 yards from my house for two and a half months and we’ve been spending six days a week together. So when mechanics become a giant piece of the pie, it allows you to do it consistently. So it has nothing to do with did he do it right before, did he do it wrong before or anything like that. He just didn’t do it very much, because no college quarterbacks have that much time to focus on mechanics specifically. Because we did have that time, I think he looks really efficient and really on balance and he threw the ball consistently [at his pro day].“In a review of the CTE (including DP) literature to date, however, Gardner et al8 noted that of the 61 pure athlete cases reported by McKee et al, 25 demonstrated no pathological features of CTE, and 25 had CTE pathology. Of those with pure CTE pathology, clinical findings were sometimes absent or nonspecific. Noteworthy also was that only a minority of cases showed disease progression, contrary to the commonly held view that CTE is a neurodegenerative disease.
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